About Us

The word KAYA denotes Body and Health”. Our prime objective is to keep your financial goals to be Healthy & Wealthy.

Kaya Advisory Services get an opportunity to provide complete financial solutions and our right expert advice and prompt services to the financial needs with a wide range of product and service distribution strength.

Its is our pleasure to have you served for all your financial requirements includes IT Return Tax Filing, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, General Insurance, Investments Advisory (MF, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, Financial Planning, Portfolio Managements Services Products. etc) .

We help you in designing your financial goals through our financial architectural solutions and constant review to sustain the excellence throughout.

Finance plays a major part in all our lives. In general, our character refers to the pattern of behavior, thoughts and feelings. When dealing in financial matters it refers to money, borrowing and investments.

Everyone realizes that people who steal or swindle money have poor character. But what about

people who are law-abiding, hard working and well-meaning, who just lack financial discipline or

self-control and who act based upon short term desires, whims or bad habits, without proper

planning or thought? As a result, they find themselves “in over their heads”, spend too much or

make a bad investment, and they lose all their money. Kaya is one stop solution for all your financial needs.

Kaya Advisory Services

Hi! This is Chipmunk Chanakya from Kaya Advisory Services. We chipmunks are popular for our intelligence and for being curious in nature. I enjoy being an advisor at Kaya, will serve and make you handle your financial needs in an intelligent manner and make you more curious about knowing our products and offerings so that you can be free from all financial fears.

Like any other chipmunks, I am always busy collecting and hoarding seeds and other food. I also store more than what I need, but sometimes I forget where I have stashed it. This contributes to reforestation by scattering seeds that will take root and grow in a new location. At Kaya, our experts are involved in diversifying your investments in various baskets using our tools & techniques in optimizing your returns and reducing your risks. We also make you feel secure by making required funds available in the unfortunate situation of financial needs. Similarly, we make you sow a seed of savings and channelize them to grow it as big as a tree which can fetch you a sufficient money flow to take care of your financial needs at the time of your retirement.

I use my tail to protect myself from all kinds of risks like hot summer, cold weather, balancing in climbing and jumping and slowing my fall when jumping from tree to tree, likewise at Kaya, we make you feel protected from all kinds of financial and market risks by balancing your financial products to suit to the market needs and achieve excellence in slowing down the fall from one level to another using our expertise.

I usually flick my tail back and forth when I am distracted while vocalizing to warn my neighbours. In distractive market scenario, we at Kaya voice out in warning you about market fluctuations.

My slender toes with sharp claws make me an excellent climber. With our expertise, we can advise on upcoming trends of market and make your investment available in participating in the race of climbing up the upward market to create your wealth.

Vision:  To bring Financial Freedom in your Life.


  • Building credibility with the clients.
  • Sustainable service excellence.

Philosophy:  Transparent business